Here’s How To Buy Investment Land From Briscoe Land Ventures, Inc. With Land Owner Financing

owner financing on land in  -  and surrounding cities

Do you want to buy more land in other areas for your investment portfolio? It is possible with land owner financing.

Have you tapped out your funding sources but still want to increase your land holdings?

Do you have less-than-perfect credit but still want to invest?

Here are your options, including one option that you may not be aware of…

How To Invest In Land On A Budget

There are many ways to buy land investment property. This variety of funding helps investors build their investment portfolio while accessing all sources available to them, or using leverage:

  • Some investors use their own cash
  • Some investors use traditional bank financing
  • Some investors work with private money lenders

All three of these ways are popular ways to fund an investment.

But there’s another way to buy land that you may not be aware of: by using landowner financing.

What Is Land Owner Financing?

Land owner financing refers to a scenario where the landowner facilitates the purchase of the land by offering financing directly. In this arrangement, the landowner assumes the role of a lender, resembling a traditional bank, by granting the land to the buyer in exchange for regular payments until the full amount is paid off. The land itself typically serves as collateral.

This concept can be likened to obtaining a mortgage from a bank, but without the associated complexities, paperwork, credit checks, and pre-approval processes.

Landowners favor owner financing as it enables them to sell properties to a wider range of buyers, including those who may not have the immediate means to afford an outright purchase. Additionally, it provides a consistent cash flow for the landowner.

Investors, on the other hand, find owner financing advantageous as it allows them to expand their property portfolio even if they do not possess the entire sum of money required for a conventional purchase.

Land Owner Financing: How Does It Work Here At Briscoe Land Ventures, Inc.?

When you choose to purchase land from our company, you’ll discover that many of our properties offer the option of land owner financing. If this option interests you, please don’t hesitate to contact us and express your preference.

The purchasing process will proceed as usual, and we will still require an earnest money deposit. However, instead of the entire payment being due upon closing, we will establish a customized payment plan encompassing the principal amount along with nominal interest, along with a defined loan term.

In this arrangement, the land itself serves as collateral. If, for any reason, you no longer wish to retain the property, you can simply return it to us, and no further payment obligations will be expected from you.

There is no penalty for early payment of the land.

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