Build your Vacation Home in AZ, 2.35 Acre Sold

  • $7800

Come on down to Arizona and claim this pristine paradise! Conquer acrophobia and schedule a tour of the Grand Canyon Sky-walk and dare yourself to make it all the way to the end of the glass bridge. Enjoy this truly nail-biting exhilarating experience and create memories that will last a life time! Another terrific option is to go kayaking at Lake Mead and enjoy the sheer thrills of water fun.

Move to Arizona and experience a whole new world! Pose for the camera and enjoy scenic views at the Grand Canyon- one of the 7 Wonders of the World!  Another terrific option is a side adventure to Las Vegas – the shows, the lights, the food – Wow! The time is running out claim this offer today!

Property Details:

Property Address: 34.976243 N, 114.152134 W

Legal Description: Lot 128 Frontier Valley Unit II

Parcel ID: 208-29-097

Size: 2.35 Acres

Conveyance: Warranty Deed

Taxes: 13.20


Cash Price: $7800

Owner Financing: $100 down and $150 for 60 months

NW 34.976665 N, 114.152673 W

NE 34.976665 N, 114.151573 W

SW 34.975815 N, 114.152678 W

SE 34.975815 N, 114.151573 W


Lot 128 Frontier Valley Unit II
Golden Valley, AZ 86413
Lot Size:
Owner Finance
Property Type:

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