New Possibilities Await. Only $220/Mo. Sold

  • $12000

By thinking beyond the box, you can create new opportunities. By purchasing this 4-acre property in Mohave, Arizona, you can diversify your land investments. This lot will last for thousands of years without losing any value. Build the house of your dreams and leave it to your grandchildren or even children. Additionally, this may be where your family visits, parks their mobile or constructed homes when on vacation, and parks their RVs.

With so many neighboring attractions and restaurants, there is always something to do. To experience mother nature, there are attractions such as the Grand Canyon West Skywalk, Grand Canyon Caverns, and many more. With so many open spaces around, you can ride your ATVs anytime you want. Wendy’s and Subway are roughly 45 minutes away. You can also travel to surrounding towns such as Needles, California, and Kingman, Arizona.

Arizona recommends moving to this stunning Mohave County so you can explore the scenery and appreciate nature. Miss this, and you’ll let the opportunity of a lifetime pass you by. Message me now for more info!

Property Details

Parcel Number: 336-10-076, 336-10-077, 336-10-078, 336-10-079

Property Acreage: 4

Property County and State: Mohave, Arizona

Access Road: W Bay Leaf Dr., G St and Bayleaf Dr.

Zoning: Residential Recreation

Terrain Type: Flat, Plain, Desert

GPS Coordinates: Center- 35°51’14.63″N,114°8’55.8″W

NE- 35°51’16.71″N,114°8’55.17″W

SE- 35°51’12.56″N,114°8’55.17″W

NW- 35°51’16.71″N,114°8’56.43″W

SW- 35°51’12.56″N,114°8’56.42″W

Center- 35°51’14.63″N,114°8’57.07″W

NE- 35°51’16.71″N,114°8’56.43″W

SE- 35°51’12.56″N,114°8’56.42″W

NW- 35°51’12.56″N,114°8’57.68″W

SW- 35°51’3.83″N,114°8’48.38″W

Center- 35°51’14.63″N,114°8’58.3″W

NE- 35°51’16.71″N,114°8’57.69″W

SE- 35°51’12.56″N,114°8’57.68″W

NW- 35°51’16.71″N,114°8’58.94″W

SW- 35°51’12.56″N,114°8’58.94″W

Center- 35°51’14.63″N,114°8’59.56″W

NE- 35°51’16.71″N,114°8’58.94″W

SE- 35°51’12.56″N,114°8’58.94″W

NW- 35°51’16.71″N,114°9’0.2″W

SW- 35°51’12.56″N,114°9’0.19″W

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Only $100 Down then $220 Monthly for 60 months

Or $12000 cash

Doc Fee: $200

Lot 29, Block "B" Mead o Rama Ranchos Unit #4
Mohave, AZ
Lot Size:
Owner Finance
Property Type:

Call ‪(801) 877-2547‬ for more details

Property Location